July 11th: Cooking with CBD [Philly]

Infusing a healthy dose of chill.

WHAT: Culinary Cooking Course
WHEN: Thursday, July 11, 2019
WHERE: 923 N Watts St, Philadelphia, PA 19123
At the top of 2019, the National Restaurant Association listed “Cannabis/CBD Infused Food” as 2nd Top Culinary Trend of the Year and immediately the national industry was put on watch.

FOUR20 Creative Collective kicks off a new roving, educational culinary infusion series with inaugural ‘Cooking with CBD’ event in Philadelphia on July 11th. Presented in part by the firm’s budding industry newsletter, FOUR20 Report, the first installment in the nationally targeted series puts “The Herbal Chef,” Christopher Sayegh in center stage.

On July 11th, Cooking with CBD puts The Herbal Chef, celebrity Chef Christopher Sayegh, in center stage for a series of interviews, panel discussions, keynotes, and – of course! – infusion, preparation, and plating demonstrations. A first of its kind for the always sunny city, this unprecedented training event has been concocted to best serve the most innovative and progressive leaders in the Philadelphia hospitality industry; delivering the most accurate and creatively inspiring content from the master in the space.

The afternoon’s panel discussions and other commentary from Chef Chris, the NHL’s Riley Cote, NFL’s Todd Herremans, and other special guests.

Chef Christopher Sayegh is the #1 cannabis infusion chef in the world. His, is an unparalleled stage presence, creative direction and culinary aesthetic that has cultivated the most prestigious client list in the game while effortlessly captivating the attention of FOX Business, Food Insider, GQ, VICE’s Bong Appetit, Netflix, and a slew of other audiences nationwide. Chris, who resides in Los Angeles, California, spends about a third of his time traveling the world—educating audiences on his signature trade.

Get the VIP treatment…

Upgrade from the general admission to join other VIPs at the dining table where the day’s instruction comes to life as Chef Chris prepares, plates and serves a six course CBD-infused tasting menu. Get tickets »

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#1 Cannabis Infusion Chef in the World, Christopher Sayegh, has been featured by Fast Company, Newsweek, FOX Business, NBC, The Washington Post, and a bushel of others as the leader in the space. His is an expert craft which remains true to the passionate science and biology student who once turned to the chemistry of food and herbs to pursue and pair his ever-budding curiosity and creativity. // Follow @TheHerbalChef

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